My Philosophy

I believe that relaxation is the gateway to a healthy mind and body. That's why my private practice focuses on helping people relax. I use an integrative approach, incorporating many somatic and relaxation modalities—craniosacral therapy, shiatsu, Thai massage, acupressure, powerpoint balancing, reflexology, guided meditation, breathwork and more.

When I first began my practice, I offered sessions in each single treatment. Clients chose a specific service and I provided it. That approach taught me three very important things: every body responds differently to different methods, not every body responds well to every method and finally, and most importantly, each body has its own unique path to the perfect relaxation response.

So now, just as when I was classical dancer and combined many styles and steps to create a dance, I combine many therapies and modalities to create a private session—one designed just for you, for your body, for the moment in time. I do this by first listening to what you tell me. Then my skill, intuition and your body's feedback combine to do the rest. Integrated therapy that delivers a customized, personalized treatment—that's my goal for every session.

Approaching relaxation in this way gives you better and longer lasting results. It allows me to work creatively, in the flow, to help you find the perfect path to your body's relaxation response—the place from which I am convinced all healing and life mastery begins. 

My Services

Integrative Relaxation Bodywork Sessions

60 minutes $80 | 90 minutes $120 | 2 hours $150

Receive a 25% discount on your first bodywork session

This is an integrative session using a combination of relaxation coaching and bodywork therapies, which may include cranial sacral therapy, shiatsu, thai massage, acupressure, powerpoint balancing and reflexology. Techniques include both light and deep touch as well as rocking, gentle movement, compression, stretching and tapotement. You will be guided to use your breath to release and let go. The session is designed especially to encourage your body to relax, begin its unwinding process and find its way back to a state of health and balance.

Mindful Relaxation Coaching Sessions

Individual 60-minute session $80

Complete Series - 8 weekly 60-minute sessions $550 (a $90 discount)

Imagine being relaxed in every moment. From the instant you awaken until the time you go to sleep.

Is your first thought that it's not possible? Are you tired, stressed, irritable, anxious, depressed? Do you suffer from unexplained muscle tension or pain?

If you consistently have trouble relaxing, Mindful Relaxation Coaching can change that. No matter what your circumstances, this unique coaching method can teach you to experience more relaxation in your life. You will be guided to move yourself through the four phases of relaxation. With coaching and practice, you can create a relaxation response whenever you want.

Since every body is different, we work together to find the exact combination of methods that work best for you. These methods may include meditation, breathwork, gentle movement, stretching, guided imagery and more. Once we find what works, you will be coached to engrain them in your being—in your everyday life—into a habit, where relaxing becomes your body's natural response no matter what is going on around you.

Mindful Relaxation can usually be learned in a series of eight 60-minute sessions. For best results, plan to come weekly over an 8-week time period. It's a gift you can give yourself, or someone else, that can last a lifetime.

If the idea of living a relaxed life appeals to you, I invite you to request a session now.

Tamara Samsa Director Relaxologist Healing Roots Center Sacramento

TAMARA WALLACH, Relaxologist

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About Me


From a young age, I studied breath and movement techniques, beginning with classical dance including ballet, tap and jazz. Later, I became interested in bodywork, so I studied shiatsu, reflexology, acupressure, Thai massage, Tui Na and craniosacral therapies. I completed training courses in Qigong, yoga and Tai Chi. I have certifications in neuro-linguistic programming, guided imagery, meditation and hypnotherapy. I am also a Certified Quantum Life Coach.

My background includes six years serving as the Associate Director for a local massage therapy school, where I gained a great deal of business knowledge. It gave me the courage to move out of my comfort zone and create my own business, the Healing Roots Center, where my creative vision is now focused on increasing awareness of the benefits of relaxation.


Relaxing. It's an inside job.™