Wish Steve a Happy 60TH and Help Him Realize a Dream

Our dear friend Steve Cocconi, after years of supporting each one of our big dreams, is now undertaking one of his own. He has heard the call to “rise up and leave your home" and plans to celebrate his 60th birthday by walking the 500-mile Camino de Santiago. 

OUR GOAL: It’s his 60th, so 60 days and $6,000 seems right! 

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We did it! Thank you all for taking us over the top!

Donations continue to be accepted through 9/3/2017,

STEVE'S JOURNEY In September 2017, Steve will begin his 500-mile trek from the French-Spanish border to the end of the path in Finisterre, where Spain meets the sea. He will carry with him his prayers for humanity, for us and for his own life.

OUR PLAN Your contribution will be used toward Steve's airfare, daily living expenses and hotel stays at the start and end of the trip. We have deliberately planned a generous budget: 

  • He will be able to stay for 60 days and practice benevolence along the way as he visits many places that survive solely on donations.
  • He can spend a few nights in places of great historical interest, occasionally hire a guide, take an off-road tour to monasteries and monuments or just give have time to enjoy a peaceful environment before walking on.

These “extras” will bring yet another dimension to his camino experience. 

YOUR GIFT We ask that you support Steve to become a pilgrim, as thousands before him have done, so that he may begin his life-changing journey unconcerned about the cost and able to fully experience this once-in-a-lifetime event. We ask that you give from your heart whatever you are able. No amount is too small and any amount will be gratefully received.

Steve's journey has begun with you.

Many hanks to the hundreds of Steve's friends, family and clients who kept this a secret so that we could surprise him with your gift. We presented Steve with a check following his Evening with Michael event in Sacramento on April 21st.  He was definitely surprised... stunned even... speechless (seriously, no words... first time ever)... 
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Q. What is the Healing Roots Center and why are my payments going there instead of directly to Steve?

A. We wanted to find a way to both keep this a surprise and avoid unnecessary fees. Tamara Samsa is a long-time friend of Steve's and owns the Healing Roots Center in Sacramento. She volunteered her website as a way to gather donations. We have created a "hidden" page, viewable only by people who have the direct link. This enables you to easily donate using your credit card of choice.

Q. Is it safe to donate via this page?

A. Yes. Your donation will be handled by StripeStripe provides PCI-DSS compliance for your payments.

Q. Will my donation be kept separate from other payments collected by the Healing Roots Center?

A. Yes. Tamara has set up a separate account for this purpose and this is the account to which Stripe will deposit your donation. Moreover, the Healing Roots Center does not have an online storefront and does not sell products or services online. As a result, donations for Steve will be easily accounted for and kept separate from all other business income.

Q. Are there hidden processing fees I should be aware of?

A. Stripe charges a 2.9% fee to process your donation. This is typical of similar credit card processing and payment services like PayPal, and it avoids the additional 5% administrative fee of sites like GoFundMe. The fee will be subtracted from your donation. You will not be billed for any fees.

Q. I don't have a credit card, but I would still like to contribute. How can I do that?

A. You can make a check payable to Stephen Cocconi and mail it to:

Stephen Cocconi Fundraiser

C/O Healing Roots Center

2129 Hacienda, Suite E

Sacramento CA 95825

Q. How will I know how much has been raised?

A. Once a week, each Friday, the above "Donated to Date" amount will be updated on this page. Check back as often as you like.

Q. How can I send Steve a personal message that he can read when he learns of everyone's generosity?

A. When you make your donation, during checkout, you will have an option to add a personal message for Steve. You may also email your message to Tamara Wallach or mail it to the above address and we will include it when we present Steve with the gift of everyone's donations.