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An Evening with Michael

We are pleased to host—

Stephen Cocconi's

An Evening with Michael

"2017 Michael Consortiums Overleaves Commentary"



Cost: $20

Spend an evening with the premier Michael Channel on planet Earth.

Stephen would not say this about himself, and we can!

If you have not previously attended An Evening with Michael, this is our way of letting you know that you are in for a big treat. At our events, Stephen usually channels on a pre-planned topic. This time, he's planning to channel Michael on "2016: The Year in Review." And get prepared—sometimes world events conspire to create a surprising change of topic. Regardless, you can always expect valuable information about a subject of wide-ranging and thought-provoking interest. 

This 2-hour event concludes with Stephen fielding questions from the audience. Yes, you can ask anything and, yes, in a style only Stephen can deliver, you get an answer directly from Michael. 

Stephen on Stephen

Long-time Michael aficionados will recognize me as a professional channel who has been working at the craft of Michael Channeling for over 25 years. Even before my channeling career began, I had been an ardent student of religion, science, spirituality, politics, economics, literature, psychology, sociology and metaphysics. (The latter, metaphysics is the catch-all container under which all the aforementioned derive.) So, I know a lot of "stuff"!

Still, I shy away from describing myself as an expert because the term has overarching ego qualities of title and status. I prefer student. I like to learn. I like to teach.

BUY NOW  Stephen Cocconi;'s Michael Motivation Cards

BUY NOW Stephen Cocconi;'s Michael Motivation Cards

The focus of my work is to assist you to realize a full life and to live it well! I do this in several ways: through my website, through seminars and group presentations like this one at the Healing Roots Center, though private channeling sessions and through interactive tools.

My style, which I’ve come to call Entertainment Style Instruction (ESI), is how I convey Applied Michael™ and my other offerings. The terms and exercises I have adopted or invented support people in learning about themselves and being with others. As a result, this latest offering in alignment with my commission from the Michael Entity is the Michael Tarot Divination Cards.™


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