Relaxing. It's an Inside Job.


At the Healing Roots Center, you relax so that mind, body and heart converge as one.

How does relaxation happen? It's a four-phase process, and we're here to guide you to it.

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Four Phases of Relaxation

RETREAT—Take a deep, cleansing breath... welcome to "within"... a safe, sacred space... both beautiful and serene.
RELEASEImmerse yourself in the unwinding process... let go of stress, muscle tension, unwanted thoughts and feelings... all of the circumstances that lead to dis-ease.
RESTOREAllow your being to return to its natural state... one of balance and alignment.
RENEWGive yourself that little something extra... enhance your sense of well-being and peace of mind.

There's a perfect recipe for every body. We'll help you find yours.

  • Private sessions offer Integrative Relaxation Bodywork (we'll combine a host of modalities suited to your specific needs) and Mindful Relaxation Coaching (learn to "retreat, release, restore and renew" in the way only you and your body can).

  • Relaxation Reboot is your relaxation destination. Every Wednesday we rotate meditation and breathwork/gentle movement. Join us for 20-40 minutes and open to your innate relaxation response.

  • Classes and events, like yoga and Tibetan qigong, teach you to tune into a deeper connection that you will be able to create at will, anytime and anywhere.

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What our clients are saying

Tamara welcomed me, actually fit me in because I was in pain. Her process, a combination of hands-on healing methods, resulted in far less pain and more mobility. Her personal energy and presence was warm and engaging. I felt safe with her and we just met and I knew I would return again. I highly recommend Tamara.
— Nancy E
Absolutely the best 90 minutes of my life! I highly recommend this service to everyone. Amazing! My neck hasn’t been pain free for years!
— Anita Beth
Wow! I didn’t realize how much I need this. Tamara was amazing, her touch and talking me through to relaxation. Thank you for taking the time to help me feel calm, relaxed and at peace.
— Tara Hollowell
Thank you, Tamara, for the fine bodywork sessions. I feel new and open and relaxed and free.
— Kathy Bridges
One of the very best massages I’ve ever had. This woman knows what she is doing. Highly recommend this incredible 90 minute service.
— Rikki
Tamara was excellent. You can tell she cares and has a real passion and a gift of healing. She takes her time to get to the root of the what is ailing you and gives good insight on what to do to help bring balance.
— Krystal

Relaxing. It's an inside job.™